Tuesday, January 1, 2008

remembrances and resolution

(Isn't "remembrance" such an official sounding word?)

In 2007, I...

...really became committed to vegetarianism (though I'd been vegetarian for 5 years)
....discovered food blogging
...became really interested in veganism
....started a vegan blog
...starting thinking about how my choices affect the environment
...got a wonderful internship at a first-teir national magazine and learned quite a lot
....worked 60 hours a week at 3 jobs in the summer
...realized how hard some people really have it
...had a summer with absolutely horrible moments, but some really nice ones too
...moved to Germany for my junior year abroad
....after looking forward to it for years ended up thoroughly hating the first few months
....then decided it wasn't perfect and wasn't exactly what I wanted, but why not enjoy it anyway?
...started learning another language (one that has a different alphabet and is written from right to left and that is totally impractical for me!)
...spent NYE at home sick!

In 2008, I plan to....

...do more for the environment
....travel to a new country in a new continent
...learn to take better pictures
...knit more
...more books, less internet
...listen to more new (for me) music
...eat healthily, insert usual resolutions here
...get another magazine internship
...try more new things that I think I won't like
...think about other people more
...do more things instead of just thinking about them

(I'll probably proptly forget about most of these plans, but oh well. It's 3 am and I'm sick, so I decided I'm allowed to post gratuitous, self-absorbed lists on my blog!)


bazu said...

Happy New Year!

I'm so glad I got to know you through your blog and wonderful food this year. Maybe we can meet up somewhere, sometime, in 2008!

Feel better, A.!

VeggieGirl said...

sounds like 2007 was a great year, and that 2008 will be just as wonderful for you!! I've so enjoyed regularly following your blog, and I look forward to continue doing so :0)

Get well!!

vko said...

Happy New Year my friend! You got a lot done in 2007 and even more so in 2008. Hope you are feeling better!

Amy said...

Anna! I like your resolutions! What language did you start learning? Hebrew? Chinese?

I'm going to invite you to come to a Green Festival with me next year. It's in DC, but we can always arrange something to meet up again! :D

I miss you!

sulu-design said...

I'm so glad that you did what you did this year. Your blog has been inspiring, useful, and has challenged me to think more about what I eat. Wishing you success on your plans for 2008!