Monday, March 26, 2007


Hello, and welcome to the Village Vegan! As you may have guessed, I live in New York City. I'm a student at Barnard College, which is part of Columbia University. (Since I'm a student, you'll have to excuse the less-than-beautiful dishes you'll be seeing in my photos!) I've been a foodie since age six, when my mom started teaching me too cook. I love planning and cooking healthy vegan meals-- I find it a creative and relaxing process. I'm especially fond of Asian foods.

I'm always complaining about how I have to eat alone, but now that I have this blog, I won't be, will I? :-) Also, I don't know a single other vegan in real life, so I'm hoping to get involved in a vegan community, even if it's "only" online.

I've been reading a number of inspiring vegan blogs for some time now, and it recently dawned on me that I could start a blog too. So that's what I'm doing. Hopefully I'll be posting my recipes and pictures and adventures with food, veganism, and things that come up in daily life. I've never blogged before, and I'm looking forward to it. Will I ramble? Will I express myself the way I'd like to0? Will it be as fun as I imagine it to be? Will I figure out how to make my blog look pretty? Will this blog inspire me to continue comping up with new, creative recipes?

Most of the time, New York is a wonderful place to be vegan. We have lots of good vegan restaurants (or so I'm told-- I've actually never been to one!) and I'm always discovering new grocery stores to discover new vegan foods. Unfortunately, the prices at some of these stores aren't always so great. But yesterday I discovered a wonderful, inexpensive place that I'd like to share with you: the
4th Street Food Coop. Unlike some coops, you don't have to be a memeber to shop here, though only members get a discount. But honestly, it's a bargain even without a discount. Look at what I bought yesterday:

Organic cocoa powder, baking powder, organic whole wheat pastry flour, organic chickpeas, and organic kiwis....all for just $3.92! The ww pastry flour was only $0.50/lb...I couldn't believe it! You should check this place out too.

Well, that's all for tonight. Hopefully, some more interesting, colorful posts will be following soon.

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theONLYtania said...

Hey, welcome to the vegan blog circuit! You definitely came to the right place to meet people.. we don't bite, I swear! See you around the blogs!