Sunday, April 1, 2007

an experiment

As I mentioned in a previous post, I needed to make a dessert today to bring to a lunch tomorrow. I decided to overcome my fear of tofu and make a chocolate pie (with tofu in it). It was interesting experience. Tasty, but interesting. First, here are the photos (I haven't cut the pie yet, of course. Hopefully I'll be able to get a picture of a slice tomorrow).

I didn't use her recipe exactly, but the look and feel of the pie was definately inspired by Isa Chandra's Chocolate Smlove Pie. The recipe appealed to me because it looks great, and since the pie is baked, it looked like it would have a cheesecakey sort of texture. I basically followed her recipe for the pie filling, except I subbed flour for the arrowroot powder. I also used a little bit less chocolate, because I was using a really good 72% dark chocolate (from Trader Joes. Only $3.99 for 17oz, and it's vegan!) The filling was GOOD. Of course, the chocolate overpowered the tofu. I never would have guessed there was tofu in it. The filling was so good, and so thick, that I had serious doubts about baking it, but I decided to go ahead because I had already mixed up the crust. After about 15 minutes in the oven, the top of the pie was really dark and dried out, so I covered it and but let it continue baking, because the crust wasn't done yet. I took it out as soon as the crust looked done, which was after 30 min or so. The pie was never jiggly at all, it was really thick all along, so next time I would pre-bake the crust and not bake the filling. Also, I'd use even less chocolate.

I made a peanut butter carmel topping too, but I didn't have maple syrup or brown rice syrup, so made the carmel the old-fashioned way, by melting sugar in a pot. It was fun! The sugar was all melted and golden after about a minute, so I poured some soymilk in (instead of cream) and it got all foamy and bubbly, like it does with cream, but then the sugar sort of separated into a ball. I put it back on the heat, and fortuately it melted back into the sauce. This was a very yummy sauce.

And as you can see, I put coconut on the pie instead of nuts. The crumbs of the filling that I tasted were pretty good, so I hope the finished product is ok. I think it should be fine, but I'd definately change things a little bit next time.


bazu said...

Oooh, looks really decadent- let us know how it tastes and how other people like it!

P.S. I think your cast-iron would be big enough for a deep dish pizza. Ours is about 9 inches or so, but if yours is smaller, just use less dough. It's a really forgiving crust dough.

Vincent Guihan said...

The desert looks delicious!!