Sunday, April 8, 2007


I love lazy Saturdays....waking up a bit later than usual, taking time to make breakfast, and maybe exploring the city later on. Today I went to Purl and Knitty City because I needed to get some yarn for a baby sweater I want to knit, and I took a bunch of photos. It's nice to see signs of spring, like flowers at the Union Square Greenmarket, even though it's still freezing outside!

I finally perfected a muffin recipe, I think. Pumpkin Cranberry muffins-- light, fluffy, with just the right amount of crumb. Mmmm.

Walking around the Village/Soho/Union Square you sometimes see very interesting/pretty sights....

Too bad Sacred Chow was closed....I would have like to try a sandwich!

You still can't buy strawberries or anything, but the farmer's market is getting lots more fun.

There was a stand selling this lovely hand-made yarn...well, I thought it was lovely...until I noticed the coolers of lamb meat they had on a table. Isn't that sad?

Then I headed over to Purl. This place so so pretty! I love who ever styles their windows. I didn't end up buying my yarn there, because it's kind of pricy, but it was fun just being there, and looking at the handpainted and the bamboo and other interesting yarns. The fabric side is more affordable, fortunately!

I saw this wierd...scupture?...outside of a SoHo spa.

I don't usually take pictures of people's windows, but I love the way this woman displays her orange KitchenAid and bowls in her window. I'm sure she probably has a great sense of style!

I do have some more cooking-related things to share, but this post is getting pretty long, so I think I'll save that for another day!


Urban Vegan said...

I love that photo of the's very well composed, and hey--we're all voyeurs at heart.

THose flowers at Greenmarket make me long for the warmer weather. It's always so hopeful to see those bulbs show their rainbow faces.

I'll be interested tohear what you think of Sacred Chow. I really want them to succeed, and I think most folks love the place, but I was really disappointed when I ate there last month.

vko said...

Purl is such a great yarn store- they have a huge variety of vegan yarn- expensive, but vegan!

I love Sacred Chow and I know UV didn't enjoy her experience at all- I say on your first visit, try barbecue tempeh sandwich or seitan steak sandwich (my two faves), tofu club & the cupcakes- can't vouch for the rest of the menu though...

bazu said...

I also loved my first visit to Sacred Chow- I had the tempeh reuben (dreamy!) and a sangria. My friend had the orange bbq seitan, which wasn't as good as my reuben, but still ok.

I love your photos- glad I'm not the only one taking pictures of random peoples' windows! (especially if there's a pet in there...)