Wednesday, April 4, 2007

spinach and a shopping spree

I had a bunch of spinach that I needed to use up, and not a lot of time, so I made a no-brainer for dinner: pasta with spinach. It was good, though. I carmelized an onion, added some garlic, a little bit of crushed red pepper, and deglazed the pan with balsamic, then quickly sauteed the spinach and mixed it with whole-wheat pasta. I think the sweetness of the onion contrasted nicely with the sharp and spicy flavours of the garlic and chile. And it only used a teaspoon of oil! If I had had cooked chickpeas, I would have thrown a few in, but I didn't. It wasn't the most photogenic dinner, but...

The chocolate pie from the other day was good, but could use some improving. The flavour was great, but the texture was really, really dense. It feelt like eating congealed chocolate, which wasn't really the texture I was going for. Anyone know how to lighten up a chocolate tofu pie? Do you think it was because I used mori-nu silken tofu and not the refrigerated silken tofu?

And!!! I finally decided it was time to use up a gift card that I've had since my high school graduation (!!) so I ordered Vegan with a Vegeance and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! I can't wait until they come! I've been using VwaV for ages (I keep on checking it out from the library, so I was planning on getting that, but amazon had one of those buy two together sepecials, which I couldn't resist. I've actually never looked at VCTOTW, but I've seen so many beautiful and delicious looking photos on your blog that I know it's going to be great.

Coming up tomorrow....something that uses a lot of cilantro!


Schopp said...

Looks yummy! Spinach w/pasta is one of my favourite combos.

bazu said...

You will love VCTOTW... every recipe I've tried so far has been fool-proof. I blogged once about an incident where I used a completely wrong measuring cup, and so half of the recipe was way off, and the cupcakes *still* came out perfectly!