Saturday, April 14, 2007

ho hum

For some reason I really didn't feel like cooking this past week. I don't know why. I drooled over food blogs as much as usual, but I was just too tired/uncreative to cook for myself. So I ate lots of simple salads, hummus and pita sandwiches, and so on. But today I had to cook, because there was half a can of coconut milk in the fridge that wouldn't stop calling my name. So I made a simple but tasty curry sauce/soup that I served over rice noodles. So easy and quite good. I liked it because I only used half a can of coconut milk and made up the rest of the liquid with veggie broth, so it wasn't as rich as a typical curry. I'm low on vegetables, so I was only able to put tofu, snowpeas, and bamboo shoots in it. I LOVE bamboo shoots...whenever I go out to Asian restaurants, I'm always too full to finish my food, but I somehow manage to pick out all the bamboo shoots (and baby corn and mushrooms, too). Tonight my bamboo shoots had to come from a can, but if you can, you should buy fresh ones. They are SO good. The bamboo is this weird yellow colour, but after you slice it and blanch the slices, it's amazing.
Tomorrow I hope I'll be able to go buy gluten to make the baked seitan everyone's been raving about, and maybe try one of those cupcake recipes, too...

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vko said...

Um hello, me too- totally not wanting to cook this week either.

I think it's the crazy weather. It's suppose to be spring and instead we have snow in NYC for easter.

I think our bodies are confused because it's suppose to be SPRING and just feeling lethargic and uncreative. Am going to try to snap out of it this weekend hopefully after I get those taxes done!