Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vegetables? You bet!

I've just moved into my summer housing, after being stuck in a horribl, kitchenless room for a week. It's so nice to finally be able to unpack, and to think about cooking, and going to the greenmarket today and buying vegetables-- rhubarb, lettuce, fennel, and green onions for sure-- and then going to Trader Joes, and stocking up on pantry supplies. And then coming home and making a big, fresh, green salad, or maybe trying out bazu's yummy-looking fennel recipe. Maybe I'll make muffins or bread. It's amazing how much being out of the kitchen for a week has made me appreciate it!

Ok, so now I'm back from grocery shopping-- I really had to restrain myself with those veggies! I wanted every green thing I saw, but if I had bought everything I wanted, it would have spoiled before I finished it. It's amazing how much you can crave vegetables after basically not eating them for a week. (It's kind of funny to think about craving vegetables, isn't it? I mean...veggies are what Americans are supposed to hate. But I'm glad that we like them!)

Anyway, for my first meal I made Vietnamese pho. It's really easy and very fresh tasting. I'll post the recipe tomorrow if people want it. And I'm making bazu's fennel tomorrow for sure!


bazu said...

Ooooh, even though pho is an all-time favorite, I've never attempted making it at home. Yours looks so fresh! I basically eat nothing but Vietnamese and Thai food when the weather is hot. I love living vicariously through all the NYC bloggers and fantasizing about the greenmarket... sigh!

Oh, do make the fennel- you won't regret it! I'm a one-woman fennel missionary- ha ha!

cristy said...

Recipe? Yes please - it looks delicious!

Urban Vegan said...

Your pho looks pho-nomenal. I'm glad you're back to your healthy eating...a few days without our veggies is too many.