Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spring salad

I know salad can get pretty ho-hum. Lettuce with some sort of dressing-- nothing to write home about. But then there's the kind of salad that really stands out. Monday's salad was one of those salads: red leaf lettuce with thinly sliced radishes, petite peas that were poached for about 30 seconds, chopped spring onions, chunks of avocado, a sprinkling of salt, a generous amount of lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil, and some roasted garlic croutons to top it all off. Something about this flavour combination was really good. Really, really good. One of the best salads I've ever simple and so fresh and spring-tasting. Mmm. I'll definately be eating this until radish season is over! I had hummous and crackers on the side, but I think this could easily be turned into a main-dish salad with the addition of some chickpeas or something like that. Thank you, Food and Thoughts, for the inspiration!

And I tried Bazu's fennel. SO GOOD. Try it, now! You won't be disappointed. I didn't really believe that the fennel could be a whole meal, but it can be. It's really filling and so yummy.


bazu said...

I know I already mentioned this on the PPK, but I want some of your salad so badly! The weather is hot and that salad looks just about perfect.

Urban Vegan said...

I can't imagine there are some people who don't llke their greens--I adore salad and never find it ho-hum. Yours looks so fresh and tasty.

Zarah Maria said...

I was looking at the picture, thinking - hmmm, that looks an awful lot like something I made recently - and I want it now, again! Glad I could inspire you!:-)

Anonymous said...

Try this: To keep healthy, I avoid salad dressing alltogether.
I make my own by mixing crunchy peanut butter with plain yoghurt or fat free milk. Be careful not to add too much yoghurt / milk, it will become too runny very quickly. If I need to fill it out a bit, I add mashed boiled egg to it and off course salt & pepper. The peanut taste really enhances the flavour of the salad, and goes very well with avocado & broccoli. Ps: If you MUST cheat - use sweetened yoghurt containing cereal bits.. hmm... But try sticking with fat free milk!

Anonymous said...

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